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Ok, I got it
Our Very Own   My-Extra!
Our Very Own   My-Extra!
590 hits
JubStar Status:
JubStar Hotel was formerly Jubba Hotel, But since we are under new managment, we change the name! We are TRYING to get it Non-Hamach!   Non-Hamachi .... COMING SOON!   Welcome Back Keva!
Welcome to Jubba Hotel!
If this is your first time here,
Please go to the Guestbook
and post your username that
you will use on the hotel.

This is important because If
we are hiring staff, or giving
out coins randomly, we can check
out the Guestbook.  

Ragezone is a site full over server release's, tutorials, request and help. Oh an its an AD ZONE.

Its has almost every game that u can copy and make your own! Like Habbo Hotel, RuneScape, Gunz Online, Rose, etc...

The Owner of Ragezone is MentaL. He has 20,000+ Posts!
Otaku Studio's
Otaku Studios is like Ragezone but I suggest Ragezone.

Im not sure who the owner is, and it has Habbo Release's. And well Im not to sure what else, but if I had to choose on which site to close down, it would definatley be Otaku Studios!

Well, The Owners
Managers Are:

> Breath
> My-Extra
> NLDoggy

> Mexican